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Visualizing Progress

Growing the Region, One Investment at a Time

Diagram with Mapping Investments h section highlighted with a static image of the capital investments map representing the various capital projects and assets across the St. Louis metro and visualizing the geography of economic transformation and growth.

Depicting capital projects and assets across the 15-county bi-state St. Louis metro and visualizing the geography of economic transformation and growth, all thanks to a collaborative regional effort.

Learn more about the map, methodology, and data sources.

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Thinking Spatially

Vision is everything

St. Louis is becoming a global geospatial hub. Through this GIS map, see how our region is coming together to better understand and tell our story of place-based change.

Highlighting Metro Investments and Assets

  • Infrastructure

    Depicting ongoing and planned investments bolstering the critical infrastructure and networks upon which St. Louis will thrive for decades to come

  • 40+
  • 15
  • 1K+

What Are We Mapping?

  • Major Developments

    Economy-shaping industrial, commercial, multi-family, and institutional developments.

  • Infrastructure Projects

    Major investments across transportation, freight and logistics, water, sewer, and energy.

  • Economy-Enabling Assets

    Valuable regional features and institutions that enable economic growth.

  • Contextual Data for Inclusive Growth

    Data related to North Star Metrics that help illustrate aspects of racial and spatial equity.

Mapping Investments

View the GIS map to see more information on major capital projects and assets throughout the region and by county. This map will be updated on an ongoing basis.

Use a desktop device to access a full collection of data.

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Learn More About the Map, Methodology, and Data Sources

Download Overview